11 Ways to Have More FUN

{In less than a minute a day.}

Because seriously–didn’t you think motherhood was supposed to be more fun than this?

Get this FREE, fun little cheat sheet that includes:

  • A printable checklist to help you find your fun in every day.
  • Pretty affirmation cards to post around your home, office or car to remind yourself to have more fun. BONUS: You can color them in!

Having more fun can make you have less stress, sleep better and cope better with overwhelm.

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Wait–Motherhood can REALLY be fun?

Remember when you had your baby? It was hard, it was grueling, it was sleepless. But there were constant milestones, smiles and snuggles. It was fun. Then, baby got less cute and you got more overwhelmed.

Now, things just feel heavy. You wouldn’t know fun if it hit you in the head.

This was me. I was trying so hard to be a great, patient, fun mother that I wasn’t enjoying any of it. I was disconnected from my husband, I felt guilty and stressed all the time, and I kind of hated my kids.

And I hated myself for feeling that way.

So I started to find time for fun, and my life completely changed. Now, I have my own business, I have crazy hobbies, like hoop dancing and fiddling (and I have time for them even with two crazy kids).

I teach moms how to find their fun, and they always thank me for helping them fix their lives.

But I don’t have TIME for fun!

Yes you do. You just don’t even know what fun is anymore. This bundle will help you find it again.

  • It’s a little treat just for YOU
  • You can have more fun in less than 10 minutes a day
  • You don’t have to get more time to yourself or get away from your kids to get more fun in your life

What’s in it for me?

Um, hello–You’re going to have more fun.

You’re also going to:

  • Like your kid(s) again
  • Connect with your partner again
  • Connect with yourself more
  • Ditch the constant guilt
  • Get more peace and balance
  • Feel real bliss, pleasure and fulfillment every day

What people are saying

You’re the best!! Love reading when you write! I’m so glad I met you. You’ve enriched my life and taught me before I even had my baby, to now almost 3 years later. Gotta say I love you for everything you are and do. You’re inspiring.


I put my foot down and seriously cut down on my working hours for the rest of this month. I’m taking 2 days off this week and an ENTIRE WEEK at the end of this month. I can’t control time, but I CAN control how I choose to use it.


Gaby Merediz and her bare bones, real as fuck, honest and encouraging Make Your Perfect and Powerhouse programs that are showing me how to make time for myself which is crucial for every mom and not feel guilty about it.p>


Don’t be the one day drinking with a tantrumming kid while everyone else is having fun!

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